Notice and Instructions

Annual Book Sales (New academic year in 2023)

Thank you for your support. We have closed our online order for this year.
Kindly proceed to make an appointment for a walk-in purchase at the school bookshop if you need to buy your textbook.

Please refer to the school booklist for the bookshop opening dates. 
For Walk-in purchase, priority will be given customers who make appointment. 

Online ordering available
Pri 1-6: 21/11/2022 - 15/12/2022

FAS Collection
To be updated

The last day that orders are being accepted is 15 December 2022.


Bookshop Opening Dates

   Date   Level Timing   Date   Level Timing   Date   Level Timing
11/11/22 Fri For P1 orientation 12am-4pm   2/12/22 Fri All Levels 9am-3pm   15/12/22 Thu MOE FAS (P3,4) 9am-3pm
24/11/22 Thu P1- P2 9am-3pm   05/12/22 Mon All Levels 9am-3pm   16/12/22 Fri MOE FAS (P5,6) 9am-3pm
25/11/22 Fri P3- P4 9am-3pm   06/12/22 Tue All Levels 9am-3pm   19/12/22 Mon All Levels 9am-3pm
28/11/22 Mon P5- P6 9am-3pm   07/12/22 Wed All Levels 9am-3pm   27/12/22 Tue All Levels 9am-3pm
29/11/22 Tue All Levels 9am-3pm   08/12/22 Thu All Levels 9am-3pm   28/12/22 Wed All Levels 9am-3pm
30/11/22 Wed All Levels 9am-3pm   09/12/22 Fri All Levels 9am-3pm   29/12/22 Thu All Levels 9am-3pm
1/12/22 Thu All Levels 9am-3pm   14/12/22 Wed MOE FAS (P1,2) 9am-3pm          


Textbook Order

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